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This Project is an initiative that stands in the point of intersection of Bibliography with Art.

The very core of the idea is that the cover of any book can be detached from the book and still have some sort of value, regardless of the language.

So we provide such a collection of (covers without texts) or without any kind of textual descriptions to encourage a different kind of thinking of/in/about the very beloved; THE COVER.

The Initial

This is a very initial phase of the project, the collection on this website includes right now about 500 covers under only 12 categories (out of around three thousand we have in more than 120 categories) in many languages, from many countries, and in many themes.

Date of Publication for covers: 2020-2023

Lives Of The Cover

حيوات الغلاف


This project is brought to you by:
Hesham Tolaib | Bibliographer

Made in Cairo with love

July 2023

Lives of The Cover